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Eye repair cream - CeraVe -

Eye repair cream - CeraVe

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Soothing and restorative action to the sensitive skin of the eye contour, thus improving the appearance of dark circles and puffiness so characteristic of this area.

The Eye repair cream allows you to act globally on the main concerns that affect your look.

With botanical extracts, this cream allows to act simultaneously on the factors that cause the dark circles and puffiness.

This formulation has the multivesicular emulsion technology (EMV) exclusive from CeraVe, thatallows to protect the skin barrier thanks to a system of concentric vesicles, whose aqueous phases contain glycerin and hyaluronic acid, while oily phases carry ceramides, cholesterol, fitosfingosine and fatty acids. This way the ingredients are slowly released, restoring the barrier function of the skin immediately but in a continued manner.

How to Use:

Apply on dry skin and massage until the product is completely absorbed.